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What is your style:

I believe in making films that tell stories.

Films, that are journalistic.

I love to capture the genuine interactions, small details and those perfect moments that magically happen on a wedding day. 


This is why I also find it critical that I’m an encouraging and comforting presence on your big day.



Why do you do what you do?

I have been documenting the most significant times in my life through videography as long as I can remember. I'd put together films and re-watch them with loved ones over and over. Re-living these beautiful memories has always brought me endless joy. This is the joy I want others to experience.


It's a privilege and a truly worthy pursuit to help you remember & re-live those hours.

What inspires you?

The biggest source of my inspiration comes from God's undeniable, unshakable love for us.


How did you begin your career/work in weddings?

My love for filmmaking began with documenting every trip I'd ever go on. At first, it was traveling that pushed me to make films. But after I got married, I realized what a special day a wedding is, that those few hours we get to celebrate our love with family & friends are so so precious.


What is it about weddings that speaks to you?

I'm genuinely inspired by you & your love.


I want to show you what your love looks like. Because from here, it looks perfect.


Best piece of videography advice for couples to consider: 

Many couples I’ve worked with have expressed that they are nervous or self-conscious around cameras, however once we get going it’s never an issue. On the day, you’ll quickly find there are far more exciting things to focus on!


Anything else that you want to share that would help a client select you?

I’m very respectful of the energy and feeling you and your family have built up on the day, so I work hard to not have an impact. It’s your day.



What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on?

If you have certain requests for your films- I'd love to hear it! If there is something you also don't like in a finished product- I am open to change it. 


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